Hydro Orbing on the 150m track

Cena od AUD 40,00 AUD
  • Trvanie: 15 Minút (cca.)
  • Poloha: Shadforth, Western Australia
  • Kód produktu: PN1U7L

You must be 8yrs or over to globe ride.  Put on some suitable slippery clothing, e.g. Boardies and a t-shirt (MUST BE free of ZIPPERS, Buttons or sharp objects), jump inside a 3m Diameter ball with 40L of water and we will roll you down a 150m purpose built track.  This ride can carry up to three participants at one time, but their total combined body weight must reach a minimum of 60kgs and must not exceed 200kgs.  

This is a laugh a minute get wet ride, which feels like an extreme water slide inside a ball, great fun for keen thrill seekers!